100 essays for toefl test

Other people say that computers have made life more complex and stressful.

100 essays for toefl test

A good prep book can be the most important study tool you use, and we have information on all the best TOEFL prep books you should consider. Grouping essay questions by topics is an efficient way to save your preparing time. Do you agree or disagree with them? Second, ecocertified wood will be more expensive than uncertified wood because in order to earn ecocertification, a wood company must pay to have its business examined by a certification agency. If you could experience a different time and place, what time and what place would you choose? These are also good for practicing independent speaking questions, too — just give yourself 45 seconds to talk on these subjects. It is sometimes said that borrowing money from a friend can harm or damage the friendship. Also, it has become a distraction, turning people into unproductive workers. Other people prefer to try new things and take risks. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. Some people like to listen to classical music, others like to listen to popular music including popular songs. Which place would you prefer to live in? Do others take the opposite?

Conclusion paragraph Give a summary of comparisons between two opinions and restate your personal opinion if the question asks you. In addition to clothing and personal care items, you can take one additional thing.

toefl essay topics 2019

Use specific reasons to support your answer. Boys and girls should attend separate schools. Some people like to study alone, others like to study with several people together.

Toefl writing topics 2019

Which of these two ways of spending time do you prefer? The 21st century has begun. Would you rather be self-employed, work for someone else, or own a business? Use specific reasons to support your answer. The first negative consequence of social media is a false sense of connectedness. Would you prefer to live in a traditional house or in a modern apartment building? Each body paragraph should cover one main point from the listening and explain in detail how it relates to the main points in the reading passage. Give specifics for your answer. Other people prefer to take their time and live life at a slower pace. Give specific examples to support your idea about one kind of these resources. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Your city has decided to build a statue or monument to honor a famous person in your country.

Which style would you prefer: a giving a class presentation b design a poster c write an essay. Some people are always in a hurry to go places and get things done.

Toefl writing topics 2018

A few years ago some of the sea otter populations off the Alaskan coast started to decline rapidly, which raised several concerns because of their important role in the coastal ecosystem. Cars with automated driving will travel at a more consistent and efficient rate than cars with human drivers, who tend to use the brake and gas pedals more often than necessary. However, this is completely false. Compare aspects of two subjects. Always rewrite the main ideas in your own words. Tell which method of travel you would choose. This is because math and science provide students the knowledge to advance technology, and the ability to cure the sick and dying people in the world. Compare these two choices.
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